#2 First Spring Look

It’s finally starting to feel like spring! The temperatures are rising to the forties and fifties, and I’m running out of interesting ways to match a scarf with a sweatshirt (because I do that a lot). I can’t wait until it’s finally warm enough to cuff my jeans without getting looks from people who think I’m insane.

I decided to look at the fashion trends for this spring from Vogue and Glamour magazines, then add a casual twist. I can’t wear things that are straight from the runway; this college campus is not prepared for that and I don’t have unlimited funds at the moment (because college).

spring look 1 pv

(click the picture to enlarge)

I chose this gray pullover because it’s simple and pretty. I like to roll up the sleeves on mine because I like for my bracelets to show. I would wear this with or without the necklace. It depends on how dressy you want to be.

I put this outfit with white converse, but you could dress it up with flats or heels (any color, actually). It’s still winter though, so it’s not my fault if your feet get cold in those flats.

I need the ‘boy crop’ jeans to still be a thing this spring. I love them. They are hard to match with a lot of tops, but I think they look great when it works.

The waves are included. This look would also work with a big messy bun. Usually it works with any outfit though.

So here’s my first spring look. Take it and make it your own.

First Post!

Hi! My name is Aubrey Bailey and I’m a student. For one of my classes this semester, we are required to make a blog. This blog will be about fashion and beauty.

I want to write about this topic because I love the idea that everyone has a different aesthetic. Everyone has their own style, and they usually gravitate toward looks that go along with that style. Personally, I love simple outfits, big hair, and a moderate amount of makeup. What someone does or does not do with their hair, makeup, and outfit says a lot about the person before any words come out of their mouth. I value the fact that we have the freedom to dress however we feel. I believe that the way that we present ourselves to the world can be a beautiful thing.

If you don’t like what I like, that’s okay! That’s what makes you unique! I love seeing how creative people can be with how they choose to present themselves. I think it’s important for people to know that they can make their own style. You don’t need to follow what other people say — This is your body! For example, if someone has a certain technique for applying eyeliner and you don’t like it, there’s nothing wrong with that. Create your own way! Find your aesthetic. Be your own work of art!