New House!

My family just moved into a new house, and I’m very excited! I’m still at school, but when I go home I get to design my room.

I’ve already painted the walls gray with one white wall. I saw pictures online that had the walls like that, and I really like it. And I like how it turned out!

tumblr_inline_ncxhsnwvEP1s6lw3t tumblr_mpyt796CKr1sw0r12o1_500(LOOK AT ALL OF THOSE PICTURES ON THE WALL. I WANT TO DO THAT)

I am in a History of Graphic Design class, and I really like some of the posters we are learning about.


I will also probably print out pictures of my friends to hang on the wall.

I love hanging things on the wall. I’ve been hanging posters ever since I can remember. Posters from magazines (Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, and there are still some One Direction pictures on my wall) or regular pictures. Blank walls are strange to me.

IMG_4029(this was my room at school last year)

My roommate also put me in charge of decorating our apartment living room next year, and that’s exciting. I’ll probably look around during the summer for cool posters to hang.

Here’s a picture of my new room–I’m not moved in yet. 🙂


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