Rooted Beauty Products

After my post about Burt’s Bees, I became interested in other companies that have similar goals and values. I came across a company called Rooted Beauty Products, and they are doing it right too!


They sell facial care products and lip butter that comes in flavors like Passionfuit, Orange Vanilla, and Berry Mint. The products are made with safe, recognizable ingredients like extracts from fruits and plants that refresh your skin naturally and effectively. The products are fairly cheap too! royalset-500x500-445x445Homepage-Images3

On their website they talk about the projects they do to help people around the world. Here’s what it says:

“Each Rooted Beauty skincare product helps a woman escape from extreme poverty and trafficking through our Woman2Woman Project. Our partnering organizations use the funds we raise through Woman2Woman projects to provide each woman with vocational training and recovery counseling. Woman2Woman projects enable women around the world to escape bondage and become self-sufficient. Our partnering organizations work closely with each woman to ensure long-term stability and freedom. Once a project is fully funded, we sponsor a new woman, creating a cycle of ongoing impact.”

That’s so cool! I’m so proud that they are making a difference, and they are making it easy for people like you and me to change the world. Homepage-Images2

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