Product Review: Rimmel Wonderlash Mascara with Argan Oil

When I go to buy new mascara, I usually buy a different one every time. They are all around the same price, so why settle if there could be something better out there? That’s my way of thinking: maybe there’s a mascara I haven’t tried yet that is perfection. Well, I’m not there yet, but this one works pretty well.

Right now I’m using Rimmel London Wonder’lash Mascara with Argan Oil. It’s very fancy looking. Bronze. Shiny. Fancy.


I feel that this mascara does a nice job of giving the lashes volume. I purchased “Extreme Black”, and it is extremely black. I like it.



I put mascara on my bottom lashes because my eyelashes are naturally white-blonde and invisible.

I like this mascara because you can put a minimal amount, or you can put a lot on and it won’t leave clumps.


Also, probably the best thing about this mascara is that it WASHES OFF SO EASILY! I understand that some people want their mascara to stay on, so they buy waterproof. But me, I like to be able to wash all of my makeup off in the shower. I don’t want to use makeup remover, but I also don’t want yesterday’s mascara still smudged on my eyes when I wake up. This might be the mascara I buy twice–just because it comes off easily with soap and water.

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